Rent A rev

“Mark was the perfect man to guide us through the beautiful ceremony of marriage. His warm caring nature meant that our service was perfectly adapted for us and our family. So many of our friends expressed how it was the most wonderful service they had ever been to and how true it felt. He is a unique Rev in every way!”
Jade Jagger and Adrian Fillary

“Mark performed ceremonies for all our children. He involved the children in beautiful magical tricks into which he wove wonderful stories about their future and their place in the world.”
Emily and Adrian

Mark Townsend (aka ‘Rev’) is a ‘Priest for all People.’He was once a Church of England vicar but now offers a broader ministry as an Independent Priest and Cleric of the Progressive Christian Alliance.

With over fifteen year’s experience, Mark creates and performs special ceremonies for people who, for whatever reason, choose to come to him. He does not see them as opportunities to push religion or evangelise but, rather, to meet people where they are and enable them to express what they need to.

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